A Breath Taking View

17 April 2014

Soar above the earth and gaze down on magnificent creatures in their natural environment. A hot air balloon experience is something that you won't soon forget and well worth the effort of getting up at 4am. You are collected by an open vehicle that will escort you through the game park on a brief game drive towards your destination at the launch site. Climb on board this unique flying experience as you slowly climb altitude and gaze out to see the African sun rising in the distance revealing the 55000ha landscape of rolling plains. All of this framed by the hills that were once the edges of a now dormant volcano.

You will be enthralled by Africa's Big 5 in their natural surrounding as you quietly drift overhead. This is undoubtedly the finest way of viewing the park. Upon touch down you are greeted with a glass of sparkling wine, a long standing tradition in the ballooning fraternity, thereafter escorted to experience a full English breakfast and fresh coffee.