Our Express Option Is Ideal For New Comers To Timeshare

20 August 2014

Whilst die-hard timeshare fans are snapping up our classic timeshare investment options that provide ownership of a week(s) in a Kingdom Resort self-catering chalet for perpetuity, we have also introduced a product for those new to timeshare or who would prefer ownership for a more limited period. We have called it our Express option, whereby a week(s) can be purchased in a luxury 2 or 3 bedroom chalet but the lifespan of your leisure property investment is limited to 12 years. Naturally, should you decide to continue having access to a timeshare week at the resort (as we are sure you will!), you can enter into another timeshare contract with us when your Express purchase expires. As an Express investor you also have full access to all the holiday benefits provided through the Kingdom Vacation Club during the period of your contract with us. Further details can be obtained from property@thekingdomresort.co.za